Ever attend a yoga class and wonder how other people got to be so bendy? Of course you are not supposed to look around in yoga class; you should stay centered and present in your own practice. But sometimes it’s hard to resist, especially when someone busts a yoga move you’ve been trying to get for weeks.
Aparigraha is the concept of non-possessiveness, non-grasping. It is the last of the five Yamas spelled out by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. The Yamas and Niyamas are like the Ten Commandments of yoga. Jonesing for someone else’s flexibility is straight up Aparigraha. It’s also a pretty natural tendency, even for yogis.
For the purpose of this post, though, let’s get back to nature and wonder. How can she/he do that incredible pose?! Some of it is genetics to be sure, but a great deal of it is technique and practice. This is where the Yoga Wall (and a great teacher) comes into play. The Yoga Wall is an excellent aid to practice. It supports your body while you explore more elusive postures. It also gives amazing traction. You’ll find greater length in your spine, deeper twists, fuller back bends. You’ll be able to get the “tops of the thigh bones back,” as so many of us are so often instructed to do in class.
With help from the Yoga Wall, you’ll gain access to postures you never knew you could do, which can  help you kick the yoga-pose-Aparigraha habit!
Sri K. Pattabhi Jois always said that “Yoga is 99{2bd103ee3922297dd26721aa2b4723f52b7c1e46e10078a5bb1f7638d0cbcf8c} practice and 1{2bd103ee3922297dd26721aa2b4723f52b7c1e46e10078a5bb1f7638d0cbcf8c} theory.” He also said “Do your practice and all is coming.” The Yoga Wall is a great way to get your 99{2bd103ee3922297dd26721aa2b4723f52b7c1e46e10078a5bb1f7638d0cbcf8c} done. And it’s really fun!
Check out Michelle Downing‘s Yoga Wall II class this Friday at Evolution, 5:45-7:30 pm ($25). Michelle is a PT and certified yoga teacher with special training in teaching the Yoga Wall.
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At the end of the day, the real yoga is what we cannot see. But how fun to learn new things and try to new poses!

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