Many people take yoga vacations; some people take vacations from everything – even yoga. After you’ve been on one of those everything vacations, it can be tough to get back into your routine. Whether you’re trying to get back into your routine at work, with your kids, with your exercise, yoga can help – once you can get back into yoga…
Here are a few things that might help you get back to your mat and back to yourself:
Music – Music has charms to soothe a savage breast. I have a couple songs I always play for Savasana when I practice at home. Their opening notes send me right into a meditative state. Music also has charms to pump up the jam and get you excited about your practice. Here are some playlists to get you started.
Take a friend to class – If you’re on your own, you might have a beer instead of a deep cleansing breath. Invite a friend to yoga class. Many of us are less likely to back out on a commitment to a friend than we are on a commitment to ourselves. And yoga is fun in company!
Let go of expectations – Once you let go of expectations, you will find something new in your practice. Each posture you approach without expectations will unveil new things to you. Be ready to see them.
Expand your definition of yoga – Yoga does not have to a 90-minute class bracketed by the sound of Om. It can be the deep cleansing breath you’re having instead of that beer. It can be 5 minutes in Child’s Pose. It can be anything to which you bring a single-minded focus.
Identify your excuses – Anything, I mean anything, that can distract you from your practice can be handled better after practicing. For example, if you think you don’t have time to practice, a simple practice will help you find more space in your mind and your day. And once you expand your definition of yoga, you may even find that many of your excuses are no longer relevant.
Get a class pass – Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy a 10-class pass to yoga. The financial commitment might just mean the difference between practicing and skipping it.
Make it a habit – Make your yoga practice a habit, like getting out of bed in the morning or brushing your teeth. You can’t leave the house without getting out of bed, right? You probably don’t go to work without brushing your teeth either. Make yoga one of those habits you always do. No matter what.

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