Pain shows up in many forms and for many reasons. While some pain is the direct result of an injury, other pain presents itself over time, with no specific cause. Whether pain is acute or insidious, physical therapy combined with yoga can help.
The five PT’s at Evolution PT and Yoga prefer to look at the whole person and incorporate yoga into patient care. Physical therapists consider the medical history, the location and description of the current problem, and find out the ways each person would be most likely to respond to a program. Often, yoga is a part of the plan because not only is it enjoyable, it is easy to learn, it does not require much set-up, and it is effective.
In June of 2016, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) launched a campaign promoting physical therapy as a first line of care in the treatment of pain. The campaign, called #ChoosePT, was specifically developed to help reduce the trend to prescribe opioids, which can inadvertently lead to addiction, in this country. The APTA hopes to educate people on why PT is a good choice rather than medication. We at Evolution PT and Yoga agree PT First is often the best solution for addressing pain and movement challenges.
Physical therapy treatments for pain take many forms; yoga fits in the PT model well. Yoga incorporates the whole body, using movement for both stretching and strengthening, as well as breathing techniques and relaxation, all recommended pain treatments.
In the past few years, the research on yoga has grown. Studies have been done showing positive results for patients with neck pain, low back pain, knee osteoarthritis, urinary incontinence, high blood pressure, pregnancy related symptoms as well as migraine and menopause. All of the physical therapist at Evolution are both licensed physical therapist AND certified yoga teachers. This unique blend of skills sets them apart to help you find the yoga program that helps you the most and allows you to live the life you want to be living, right now.

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