Come find out and feel for yourself how the use of simple myofascial release techniques can help you reduce muscle tension and restore calm and balance in the body. By providing a stimulating tissue massage, these techniques can improve range of motion, body alignment, flexibility and posture and are a terrific complement to any yoga practice.

Learn simple techniques that you can use at home from Jessie Owens, an experienced massage therapist. Jessie helps demystify myofascial release, so you can receive the benefits of massage from home.

Tuesday, June 16th, 7 – 8:30 pm ,Pricing: Drop In ($15) / Class Card / Membership, Sign Up Online

Head, Face, Neck, and Shoulders

We all know that the neck is a common place for tension, but we can also carry a surprising amount of tension in our heads and faces! In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to relieve “tech-neck,” tension headaches, and even help to clear congestion and open up the sinuses. You’ll need a small blanket or a yoga mat, and a tennis or racket ball.

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