Yoga for People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers uses seated, standing and supine yoga postures to improve mobility and balance. Yoga classes will incorporate foundational yoga postures, music, breathwork, and mantra practice to engage the mind and body. Caregivers are welcome to participate in class as well as provide assistance to their partner.

Our facility is located on the ground floor with accessible bathrooms and studio space.

“According to the American Parkinson Disease Association (ADPA), yoga therapy has been shown to visibly reduce tremors and improve the steadiness of an individual’s gait.” – Yoga International

Please note:

  • This series is appropriate for individuals who are able to ambulate independently and transfer from the floor independently or with the use of a chair. If you have questions about whether this series is a good fit for you, please contact Janet at
  • Please note that if you need assistance with mobility, a caregiver is required as we are not able to provide individual spotting assistance. Partner/caregiver must register separately, but will receive free attendance and can participate in class as well as provide assistance to their partners. Caregivers: please enroll under your own name, and choose the option ‘Yoga for Parkinson’s *(free Caregiver enrollment)’ to register at no cost.

Tuesdays, 2 – 3:30 pm

Session II: March 3 -April 7

Session III: April 28 – June 2

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