We all know that yoga is great for your body and mind. It is also amazing for your face! Join us for our new 6-week series: Yoga for Your Face and find out firsthand just how amazing yoga can be for your face!
In this hour-long yoga class, we will explore facial mudras (symbolic gestures used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies) that reduce wrinkles, lengthen the neck and strengthen the jawline. You’ll develop a more youthful tone in your face, that will make you look and feel younger. You’ll leave each class with a tailored face-yoga sequence that you can practice at home or in your car.
Your face is one of the most visible parts of your person. It reflects your heart, your personality, and your character. Make sure you put your best face forward.
Tuesdays at Noon, Starts April 1st
Please bring your own hand-mirror.
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Here is a preview of the terrific results you’ll achieve:

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