Mindfulness is as popular as a walk in the park. We all want to do it, but not all of us can get it together. Why can’t mindfulness be as easy? The truth is, it can be. But like anything worthwhile, it just takes practice. This series is about bringing the practice of mindfulness into your everyday life.

We will begin each session discussing a particular mindfulness exercise, and focus on that practice through mediation and physical yoga during the class (be ready to move at each class). Then, there is homework!  You will be asked to do the mindfulness practice we did in class for a short period each day, and track your results in a journal. We’ll have a group discussion of the homework at the start of each class, before we move on to another mindfulness exercise for the week.

Some yoga experience is needed to be in this series.

Please bring a JOURNAL and something to write with to each class.

Wednesdays 6-7pm
May 18 – June 22 (Check out the new dates!)
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