Are you longing for…
~ Ease and openness in your body, mind, and heart?
~ Loving-kindness towards yourself and others?
~ An uplifting, contemplative mini-retreat?

Then…. join Martha for this rich adventure!

Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), and Yin Yoga are complimentary mindfulness practices that foster awareness and caring: qualities of wakefulness needed in difficult times.

Come experience step-by-step meditation guidance to meet your body, mind, and emotions with curiosity and gentleness. Explore yin yoga postures and Pranayama to relax and energize your body, for greater ease and focus in your meditation practice.
• Practice sitting and walking meditations.
• Experience Metta Meditation, the heart-centered practice of Loving-kindness.
• Explore Yin Yoga where simple floor postures are held passively in combination with breathing techniques.
• Cultivate three Pranayama techniques for awake, calm presence.

Martha has designed this workshop for those wanting to deepen or to begin their mindfulness practices.

“Not struggling against what arises in your life is an act of friendliness. It allows you to live wholeheartedly.”
— Pema Chodron

Saturday, April 22, 1-4 pm
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