Relax, Breathe and Help Your Neighbors

Nourish yourself while supporting your homeless neighbors in this difficult time. Join Martha, online, for a rejuvenating practice of yin and restorative yoga. With a slow steady approach, Yin Yoga floor postures are held passively, with awareness and breath to increase the natural mobility of your joints and bring centered calm to body and mind.

From this open and focused place we will move into the deliciousness of Restorative Yoga, a restful journey of deeper relaxation and spaciousness. With supportive props and breath you easefully sustain poses that allow you to release tensions, soothe your nervous system and reconnect to your capacity to rest in ease.

This progressive practice of yin and restorative yoga will leave your body-heart-mind open, rejuvenated and more resilient. Enjoy!

Your entire workshop fee will go to COTS, which desperately needs our support to help purchase supplies and food for homeless shelters during Corvid-19. If you can’t join you are welcome to make a much appreciated donation.

Friday, 6:00 – 7:30 pm, April 17

Suggested Donation: $10 – $50 , Sign Up Online

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