Breathing is typically an automatic process that happens without thought or conscious control. However, the breath is the only autonomic process you can choose to control through voluntary action. By changing the way you breathe, you can influence your heart rate and the flow of energy in your body. Breathing is the most important function in your body as all of your cells and organs need oxygen in order to survive. Inefficient breathing can lead to headaches, anxiety, pelvic floor dysfunction, vocal chord dysfunction, neck and back pain, and other physical issues.

In this workshop, Rachel will help you understand the anatomy of the respiratory diaphragm and other muscles that facilitate breathing. You will learn how to integrate your body to create more efficient respiration, improve core stability, and deepen your breath control. Experiential activities will help you feel your breath in new ways and change the way your experience your breath in common yoga postures and in daily life. Students and yoga teachers of all levels are welcome to attend this workshop. This workshop is not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment of significant respiratory disorders.

Saturday, February 22

1-3 pm, $35

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