You should strengthen your core. Let’s face it, your core is pretty much the center of it all. Ever get a gut feeling about something? Ever feel something (joy, fear, love, pride) right down to your core? Ever have a gut reaction to an idea or incident? This kind of guttural language (see what I did there?) is no mistake. Your core is the middle of everything you do.
The Harvard Medical School agrees. In its article “The real-world benefits of strengthening your core,” it lists the reasons you should strengthen your core*. The list includes things like bathing and getting dressed. Almost everything we do involves core muscles. Think of all the bending and twisting you do in daily activities. Try putting your shoes on without using your core. Even sitting at your desk (or the couch for that matter) requires core strength. Core strength improves function in your arms and legs, gives you better performance (in sports and in the sack – yes Harvard went there), greater balance and stability, better posture, and a healthy back.
Harvard spells it out this way:
“Low back pain — a debilitating, sometimes excruciating problem affecting four out of five Americans at some point in their lives — may be prevented by exercises that promote well-balanced, resilient core muscles. When back pain strikes, a regimen of core exercises is often prescribed to relieve it, coupled with medications, physical therapy, or other treatments if necessary.”
A strong core protects your internal organs and your central nervous system. And best of all, a strong core feels amazing. Check out yoga as a way to develop yours. Come to:
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* Here’s the article:

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