Sharon McIlwaine MTCM, L.Ac.

Sharon McIlwaine has been teaching pilates matwork for 18 years. Previously a modern dancer, she loves floorwork, and gravitated towards pilates matwork versus the pilates apparatus (reformer, cadillac, etc). Pilates increases our awareness of our core musculature, activates it, and gets it working for us, like it’s meant to do and likes to do. Once we find our core, it becomes integrated into everything else we do. Since the core is what supports our back, many with back pain find pilates tremendously therapeutic.
Sharon’s pilates training began with Jonathan Urla, the creator of Yogilates. Her subsequent pilates trainings have been in the Stott Pilates technique, as well as the more classical Power Pilates. Sharon was the owner/director of Breathing Light Pilates in Montpelier, VT for 6 years, before moving to NYC in 2013 so that her son could take advantage of a full scholarship at the American Ballet Theater.
Sharon and her long-term partner, Andy Flagg, returned to Vermont in the summer of 2018. She completed the Evolution Yoga Teacher Training in May 2019. An acupuncturist as well, Sharon is the owner of Burlington Acupuncture.

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