Yoga is an ancient Himalayan tradition now practiced by over 10 million Americans. Yogis were the original scientists. They observed the effects of practices, and refined their techniques. Recently modern scientists have started to study yoga as a healing intervention. There has been an explosion of research from around the world, to better understand the effects of yoga on the body, and the mind. Yoga is now being integrated into western treatment models and care centers.

Learn how yoga has made this transition to being a respected and sought after practice in healthcare. Join Dr. Janet Carscadden in an exploration of latest research into yoga as medicine, and experience the benefits of pranayama, meditation and systematic relaxation. This workshop is appropriate to for those new to yoga or studying to be a yoga instructor or experienced instructors interested in the science behind the practices they teach.

Saturday, March 10
with Janet Carscadden PT, DPT, E-RYT
4-5:30pm, $25
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