Timothy McCall is local to Burlington VT. He is a physician, yoga therapist, and medical editor of Yoga Journal. Learn how he used yoga to help along his journey thru cancer during this discussion of his new book Saving My Neck.

“In 1997, Timothy McCall, MD left a successful medical career to become a yoga therapist. Twenty years later, diagnosed with metastatic cancer, he returned his focus to the practice of medicine, this time as a patient. He would need all he had learned in both healing worlds….

Dr. McCall, author of the Amazon Bestseller Yoga As Medicine, leads us on a surprise-filled journey from South India to the US and back, from banana, jackfruit and coconut groves to sterile hospital wards.” – http://www.drmccall.com/saving-my-neck.html

Saving My Neck is available for purchase at Evolution, pick one up the next time you’re at a class!

Friday, June 21
6-7 pm
FREE to attend, please register online to save your spot!

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