Yoga Therapeutics has received a lot of attention as a wonderful way to exercise as it promotes strengthening, flexibility, and balance. For people who suffer from arthritis, though, the images of people folding themselves into shapes like pretzels or standing on their heads may dissuade them from starting a yoga practice that will help manage their arthritis symptoms.
In reality, a gentle yoga practice crafted with individual needs in mind can improve quality of life, decrease pain, and increase positive feelings. Studies have shown that an active lifestyle helps to decrease symptoms associated with arthritis such as pain, stiffness, difficulty with movement, and depression. A sedentary lifestyle can turn into a vicious cycle with increasing stiffness and weakness leading to decreased motivation. Joint pain can make some activities uncomfortable such as walking, running, or cycling. And in Vermont in the winter – well, we all know how easy it is to sit inside under a blanket with a cup of tea rather than bundle up, slip on the yak tracks, and go for a walk when it’s -20 with the wind chill!
Our new series, Yoga for Arthritis, solves this problem. In our warm studio, we’ll generate some body heat while working gently to improve strength, flexibility, and balance (for those times you DO need to brave the icy ground). This class will use props such as chairs, blankets, and blocks to help explore our bodies’ abilities to decrease joint pain and stiffness and improve mood and inspiration! We’ll explore a little bit of anatomy and physiology and you’ll learn a simple sequence that you can perform at home to continue to manage your arthritis.
Learn more and sign up here. Our new 6-week series starts Wednesday, January 15th.

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