As we explore February’s theme of Ahimsa, or non-violence, we begin by looking at how to practice this concept with ourselves. Here are some reflections from Gaby Goldberg on how the practice has helped her, and suggestions on simple ways to bring ahimsa into our daily lives:
My first act of non-violence in 2018 was inspired by the owner of Evolution. Rather than creating resolutions, rigid schedules, or saying yes to every invitation that came my way, I made a conscious choice to step back and observe what I’m doing and why. I dropped into observing my responses to both inner and outer stimulus. I learned more about my mental and emotional triggers, especially in relationship to my physical body. Self-observation allows me to consciously release expectations of myself and others, allowing me to live with more presence. The art of observation allowed me to clearly understand my foundation – whether it’s a yoga pose, dinner plans, or a life decision. My conscious choice of slowing down, tuning in, and listening was an act of non-violence towards myself. I created space for myself because that’s what I needed to feel balance.
We invite you to practice Ahimsa first with yourself and then with others. There are many ways to practice Ahimsa, here are some suggestions, feel free to send us yours!

Sleep enough
Drink water
Eat good food
Offer compassion
Be kind
Accept yourself as you are
Don’t force
Say no when you want or need to
Speak up for yourself
Speak up for others
Notice when you judge, consciously release the judgment
Take a deep breath before responding to emotions
Trust yourself
Trust others to take care of themselves
Pick up trash
Ask for what you need
Honor your relationship with the Earth
Honor yourself
Honor others
Move your body intentionally
Think positive thoughts or chant mantra in a pose
Don’t push yourself beyond your limits
Learn your physical limits, accept and respect them

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