SummPOM-SeptemberWildThinger’s coming to a close and so we transition into a new season. To keep the warmth inside and our hearts open, we’ll be ‘flipping our dog’ into Wild Thing (Camatkarasana)!
In Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Sanasana),  we are firmly grounded and gazing internally. Through the transition into Wild Thing, we capture the change in seasons, by opening brightly and externalizing our strength.
Wild Thing with Alison Aiken
As we make the transition from summer to fall – nights becoming cooler, kids returning to school – our activities and daily patterns start to change.  It can be easy to set our sights on the future rather than the path we take to get there.
This is true in movement as well, and without careful focused intention our end result may not be as strong and effective as it could be.  As you move from one yoga posture to another, begin by drawing in to your center and initiate the movement from there.  By creating stability from within, we have a foundation from which we can move.  Without this, our movements can become loose and poorly directed which can make the end result sloppy and difficult to maintain.
The transition from Downward facing dog to Wild Thing can be intimidating when you focus only on the final posture –  upside down, inside out, and on three limbs?! – and not on the pathway of movement along the way.  Initiating movement from your center will allow you to maintain your balance, evolve from a forward bend to a backward bend, and breathe!  This can be an overwhelming transition, but awareness of each step will help you move into Wild Thing with care, skill, and consideration.

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