Pelvic Health

Evolution Physical Therapy offers custom treatment programs based on the findings of a comprehensive evaluation. Our services are offered one on one in private treatment rooms. You will always see the same therapist for your visit, unless we refer you to another staff member for specialty services (such as Pelvic Floor Therapy or Dry Needling). The services listed are just a small number of the specialty treatments offered. Our therapists are trained in:
– McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine and Extremities
– Postural Restoration
– Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
– Gait Analysis and Training
– Craniosacral Therapy
– Visceral Manipulation
– Pain Neuroscience Education
and more.

This is what our clients have to say about our providers and services:

“Michelle at Evolution has treated me for two different injuries and in both cases I left her care far better than I came. Although one never hopes to be injured again, if I was I would go back to her in a heartbeat. I really value her integrative body-mind wisdom, deep physiological knowledge, and practical, functional approach. And everyone else at Evolution that I’ve interacted with has been great too!” – SW 2021

“Janet is a gifted healer. I had a particularly tricky injury that felt pretty incapacitating. Janet’s diagnosis was on the money; she navigated me gradually and expertly through weeks of flare-ups caused by inflammation. She never gave up, allowing my body to rest and heal, patiently adding exercises as my pain decreased. Today my functioning is nearly normal. You will appreciate Janet’s clear explanations and compassionate, careful listening. I would recommend her to anyone.” – KN 2020

“I began telehealth PT a month ago in the midst of Covid-19 office visit limitations. I had considerable shoulder pain and restricted range of motion that severely impacted my activity. Within one month, my level of pain has dramatically decreased and my activity level is almost back to normal. I think telehealth is an excellent means of doing physical therapy. I was so incredibly surprised how well this platform of health care delivery worked for me!

Thank you, Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga!” – NS, 2020

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