Starts in a couple weeks! As long as the baby doesn’t come early, I’ll be teaching for two more weeks. My maternity leave begins the week of November 16th and continues through the end of the year. I’m really excited for welcoming our second baby into our world, and taking some time to rest and adjust to our new family of four!
I’ll certainly be back to teaching next year, the first week of January 2011. During my absence, Thursday morning Post Natal yoga (10:25am to 11:40am) will be taught by Jenny Sugar, and Saturday morning Vinyasa (9:05am to 10:30am) will be taught by Bill O’Conner. Thank you to these two wonderful teachers!
The Saturday’s Pre Natal yoga (12pm to 1:30pm) will be canceled for the remainder of this year, so there are only TWO more classes left. Namaste ~ Petra

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