Pregnant? Feeling back pain? Are your hips  bothering you? Are you experiencing trouble getting in and out of bed or the car? Suffering from SI joint symptoms? You are not alone! Have we got a workshop for you! Alison Aiken, DPT, has put together a workshop to help you manage some of the common discomforts you may experience.
All too often we assume that just because something is “common” there is nothing that can be done to change it. Our only choice is to suffer and take it as it comes (and complain to anyone who will listen…) This is true with back and hip pain during pregnancy. I’ve yet to meet a pregnant momma who did not at some point feel discomfort here.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do to address it! No, you’re not going to change the shift in your center of gravity, the lengthening of your abdominal muscles, or the hormone levels affecting your joint mobility. But you can change posture habits, they way you move, and what you do when you do have pain.
A frequently used strategy when we feel muscle or joint pain is to stretch the sore area. If the pain is due to a recently injured muscle or a hyper-mobile joint stretching can lead to worsening of symptoms rather than relief. This is especially true during pregnancy when muscles are working extra hard due to increased weight and joints are able to move more than usual due to pregnancy hormones. Learning to stretch – and move and strengthen – the right way can help to decrease extra pain and symptoms.
In the upcoming workshop Managing Back and Hip Pain During Pregnancy we’ll talk about stretching and posture, we’ll learn ways to avoid extra strain, and what to do postpartum to limit back and hip pain after the baby arrives.

Managing Back and Hip Pain During Pregnancy with Alison Aiken PT, DPT

Saturday, April 25 – 2-4 pm $35

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