On the cusp of summer, we all are being asked to reassess what our summer plans may hold. A family gathering for my Dad’s 70th birthday can’t happen as we had envisioned, there is no summer camp for my son, and I wonder how my family may be able to take our annual trip to the ocean. The extended period of quarantine has shifted how many of us operate daily.
Perhaps you can relate that at times, this crossroads has felt overwhelming. I come back to yoga practice to feel ground, to find space between thoughts, and to experience the transformative ineffable impact of connecting to the subtle body. The ancient yogic teachings are a map that guide us to delve into the inner landscape of the body and teach us to live into the unknown through an embodied place.
One avenue to play with connection to the subtle body is through breathwork. To begin, we choose to tune in and notice our natural breath; it’s pace, quality, and texture. After several rounds of natural breath rhythm, we can allow for a pause at the bottom of the exhale. Here we focus the mind, harness the energy, and connect to the root of the spine. Then the inhale comes. We fill and expand in all directions. Another exhale follows and we can exaggerate the exhale, press the breath out until completely empty. Slight pause in the emptiness. Then the inhale arises. A few rounds like this then return to natural breath. Observe. Observations come as sensations, emotions, pulse, images, feeling tone, temperature, and nuanced indescribable experience. Here opens a pathway to our inner environment and the skill to witness how yoga impacts it.
My hope is that you too will stay committed to the path of exploring the layers of the body this summer. May we feel our feet on the earth every single day. May we live into the unknown on and off the mat and choose to engage in the world around us in ways that support the benefit of all beings.
Kate Floyd
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