Ultrasound uses a transducer to send high-frequency sound waves into the body. These signals bounce back from internal organs to create an image. Remember the Fantastic Voyage (the old Isaac Asimov scifi about shrunken scientists who voyage through the body in order to perform some kind of medical miracle)? Ultrasound is a little bit like that. Ultrasound is also one of the fascinating aspects of Andrea Trombley’s Belly After Baby workshop this weekend.

We are all familiar with the wonderful ultrasound images of babies before birth. Ultrasound also makes it possible for us to look within ourselves – as in inside our own bellies to see how well our muscles are behaving. Andre’s workshop is the perfect opportunity to look inside and see how your core is doing. She’ll use ultrasound to illustrate exactly what is happening in your belly.
Really this workshop should be called Belly After Being, not Belly After Baby, as the information explored here is appropriate to all women (except pregnant women), not just those who have recently given birth.
Do a sit up or a crunch or boat pose, it feels like work, yes, but what is actually happening? Are you moving in a way that optimizes your effort? Are you moving safely? Are you muscles contracting as they should in order to provide your body the support it needs? Ultrasound will give you some answers. And it is incredibly cool to actually see your muscles at work!
This physical therapy workshop will cover anato­my of the pelvic floor and core muscles, core and postural engagement, and strategies to prevent common postpar­tum issues such as inconti­nence, back, pelvic and hip pain. You’ll learn simple exercises you can use every day and as a part of your yoga practice.
It’s time to return to optimal strength and get to know your body again!
Participants must be at least six weeks postpartum. Please leave baby at home – this workshop is just for you!
Note: this workshop is appropriate to all women (except those currently pregnant) who wish to learn more about their body and take a more active role in regaining a healthy, strong core!
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Saturday, July 18th – 1-3 pm
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