Swami Sivananda

In classes this week I’ve been teaching about keeping good company. Not only good physical company of people, but choosing to have a good company of thoughts and of spirit. I’ve been reading this quote from Swami Sivananda that, well, speaks for itself. 🙂

If the dust is in the company of the wind, it soars high in the sky.
If it is in the company of muddy water it becomes a dirty mire.

If the air is in the company of jasmine, it wafts a sweet aroma.
If it is in the company of offal, it disseminates a foal odor.

Put a parrot in the company of a wicked man. It was start abusing.
Put it in the company of Sadhus, it will repeat, “Ram, Renga, Renga”.

If one is in the compnay of a sage, he attains knowledge and
soars high in the realm of elternal bliss.
If he is in the company of a drunkard,
he drinks and commits vicious acts.

Here’s a video with that quote in mind. Enjoy – John

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