Karl Lucas

Karl found the practice of yoga in his late twenties. It took him only one class to realize how much he had been neglecting his body, despite years of movement through sports. He became consumed with understanding what it was about yoga that was so effective at nourishing the entire body. Since then he’s completed his first teacher training, taken various anatomy courses and workshops, and has continued to develop his and his student’s personal practices. He’s seen and experienced how yoga, when practiced with specific attention to the minute details of the postures, can remove tension in the body, leading to reduced tension in the mind. He believes in the practice as therapy for the body and its nervous system, which then opens up the possibility for deeper, richer experiences of life.


Karl’s goal is to bring the practice of yoga to beginners who are curious or dubious or simply unaware, and to deepen the practice of advanced practitioners. His classes are rich with precise verbal cues to effectively establish and maintain alignment in the bones and muscles, building strength with stability while creating ease in movement.

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