The Kaiut Yoga Method was created by Francisco Kaiut, a chiropractor by training, turned yoga guru. Due to a life changing injury he sustained when he was young, he grew up dealing with chronic pain which influenced his path in life. He began to study how simple yoga poses effect the body, specifically the body’s potential to heal itself. It was while he was teaching yoga to his chiropractic patients that he visualized the yoga mats floating in the air at the height of a chiropractic table. He then realized the genius behind the poses and he stared to develop his own unique method of yoga. Kaiut yoga focuses on the joints as a way to communicate with the nervous system. Through this connection combined with the slower pace of the practice, the body has the potential to process and create memories from within. It’s through these changes inside that ultimately lead us towards a state of being more present in our daily lives.

Each workshop in this series will highlight a specific area while allowing the body to process the biomechanical connections. This practice will support the practitioner to find a deeper understanding of areas where they may hold patterns, and through this awareness slowly start to release these patterns. This practice is appropriate for all people regardless of prior yoga experience.

Part 1, The Ankles (Sept. 21)
Part 2, The Hips (Oct. 19)
Part 3, The Shoulders (Nov. 16)

‚ÄčSaturday, October 19, 1-3 pm
This is the second of three workshops in this series, which can be taken individually.
$30 per workshop
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