​“I don’t care if I can do a headstand. I care if I can put my pants on by myself when I’m 90.” ~Francisco Kaiut (Creator of Kaiut Yoga)

Kaiut Yoga is all about biomechanical health, or said another way, your freedom of movement.​ ​The Kaiut Yoga Method has been designed to work through chronic pain, injuries, and general aches and stiffness. Kaiut yoga works for the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging bod​y, and​ ​has been described as yoga for people who don’t like yoga. This style of yoga is very different than what people typically think of as yoga. Beginners and experienced students welcome! ​

In this 6-week series we will explore the Kaiut Yoga Method and discuss the importance of a sustainable yoga practice that supports our modern lifestyle.

Tuesdays 5:45-6:45 pm
March 5 – April 9

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