The CDC reports that 1 in 5 Americans lives with chronic pain. At times this pain impacts people’s lives causing them to stop moving in certain ways, and to stop doing things they love. In this workshop we will explore our body’s relationship and approach to pain by using the body in a specific way through the Kaiut Yoga Method. Kaiut Yoga’s founder of this unique style of yoga, Francisco Kaiut, designed this specific method from his own relationship with chronic pain related to a childhood injury. Kaiut Yoga’s focus is on connecting the brain to the body in a way that upgrades the potential within. This is done by using the body the way nature designed it to be. If you are you ready to explore your relationship with pain in the body, this workshop is for you.

Julia O’Shea is a 400 Hour Certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher. Julia came to discover the Kaiut Yoga Method through her own issues with pain in her body. Julia has learned that as her own body changes through the practice of Kaiut Yoga, the goal is not to be completely pain free but to live a better more meaningful life.

Saturday, March 28

1-3 pm, $30

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