Imagine…. spaciousness in your body, mind and heart.

Imagine… more gentleness and kindness towards yourself.

Imagine…. an uplifting, contemplative, mini-retreat.

Meditation and Yin Yoga are complimentary mindfulness practices that foster awareness and self-caring. Come experience step-by-step meditation guidance to meet your body, mind and emotions with curiosity, skill and gentleness. Explore yin yoga postures that relax and energize your body, bringing greater ease and depth to your meditation practice.

  • Practice sitting and walking meditations.
  • Experience Maitri practice, the art of loving-kindness.
  • Explore Yin Yoga where simple floor postures are held passively in combination with breathing techniques.
  • Find home practices to enhance your every day.

This series is designed for beginners and for those wanting to deepen their mindfulness practices of yoga and meditation.

“Clear seeing and compassion together, enable us to fly and be free” ~ Tara Brach

Saturday, Dec 3 – 1-4 pm


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