Welcome to week four of our January Yoga Challenge.  By this time, we hope you have started to settle into a short daily routine.  Perhaps you have a favorite sequence that you are doing each day.  Some of you may have tried out all of the sequences, and started combining them.  The sequence that you choose to do is not as important as just getting to your mat for 5 minutes a day and practicing the art of observation.  Establish a routine.  Observe where you are in your body and mind before and after your practice.  Soon enough you will start to notice that your body craves the routine. If you skip it, your body or mind may feel different, which will help you stick with the habit.  This challenge is all about trying to rewire your brain to take on new, healthier habits.  In week three Janet offer us a seated sequence with the observation portion performed lying on your back.  Begin in savasana (final resting pose) and feel the meeting points between your body and the floor.  Notice where your body contacts the floor evenly from side to side and where there are asymmetries.  Check in with the physical and energetic parts of your body.  Finish the practice the same way on your back.  Enjoy!  Stay tuned for next week, for a short meditation practice.

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