“Ishvara Pranidhana, the jewel of surrender, presupposes that there is a divine force at work in our lives. Ultimately this guideline invites us to surrender our egos, open our hearts and accept the higher purpose of being.” -Deborah Adele
Modern yoga invites us to surrender into a posture, the flow, the moment, relaxation, and ultimately the experience of the present moment. Surrender isn’t always easy – whether it’s allowing yourself to rest in savasana, working with injury or limitation, or experiencing difficult emotions. Beginning to surrender to the higher aspects of yoga requires you shift how you think and perceive the world. In creating a new habit, I’ve experienced tension, I’ve struggled, and resisted the very change I consciously chose for myself. This is an example of how the ego gets involved and stands in the way of personal growth and evolution. Ishvara pranidhana is a beautiful tool that supports the unwinding and deprogramming of the ego, asking one to stay open, to practice presence, and devote all actions to the divine.
The “jewel” of ishvara pranidhana asks you to trust and connect with the higher purpose of being here. Why do you get up and go to work each day? Why do you choose to practice yoga? What is your purpose for being here in this life?
Your yoga mat is one place to cultivate the action of surrender – begin with your physical experience and tune into any mental tension or resistance. Allow yourself to move with the current of the experience, rather than trying to grip control of it. Be courageous and step into the fear of doing something different or changing something. Deborah Adele says that “surrender is not passive” and asks us to become skillful in how we respond to every moment that life presents us. Think beyond your yoga mat, and over the month of November, Evolution teachers will be here to guide you in how to apply the concept of Ishvara Pranidhana to your practice and daily living. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more and let’s collectively heighten the vibration by practicing surrender!
“We are frozen in our tensions and fears. Our practice is to melt ourselves into the flow of the stream, becoming one with the flow of life.” – Deborah Adele
Gaby Goldberg

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