Deepen your yoga practice has many meanings. When it comes to the Yoga Wall deepening your practice refers to deeper poses, to be sure, but the greater depth is achieved through decompressing the spine and expanding the breath.
Imagine the feeling of gravity releasing your spine while you quietly breathe, reversing the effects of sitting and standing all day long. Wouldn’t it be great to do a Warrior II pose with support from a strap, opening the hips while you just relax? Would you like to hold downward dog with minimal effort, working on shoulder blade engagement while your lumbar spine and hips open and release?
If any of this sounds good to you, come practice yoga on the Yoga Wall! The Yoga Wall is a powerful tool that can help with alignment in different yoga poses, allowing our practice to both heal and prevent injury.
Not only does our body benefit from improved alignment, working on the wall feels so good! At Evolution, all our physcial therapists have had additional training on how to use the yoga wall to maximize your health. We frequently use the wall during our therapeutic yoga classes and workshops, and are offering yoga wall specific workshops, drop in classes, and series.
Here is an example of a yoga wall sequence to release the low back to both heal and prevent low back injury. All day when we sit, stand or walk, gravity exerts a powerful force on the spine. While our spine is designed to withstand gravity, over time we all accumulate wear and tear on the joints. This is exacerbated by poor posture. We can use the wall to temporarily reverse the effects of gravity by hanging in a supported inversion and engaging in abdominal breathing while gravity works to open the spine.
If you are curious about the Yoga Wall, check our schedule for upcoming workshops (Yoga Wall with a Twist, November 20 and Yoga Wall II, Dec 11), series (Yoga Wall Series, Oct 29-Dec 10) and drop-in classes!
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