One of the most useful tools yoga continues to teach me is to feel my connection to the ground. It is an intentional slowing down, a space for a moment or split second of present moment awareness. Feeling my feet on the ground helps me to slice through the muck of what Pantanjali’s sutras refer to as “citta vritti” or persistent mind chatter. The formal practice that reinforces my whole body’s memory to pause and feel connection to the ground is meditation. It is through daily meditation practice that I open again and again to the timeless possibilities of transformation, both personal and collective.

This season, as our bodies breathe the pulse of summer’s yang or active energy, there is a sense of needing to remember our connection- to ground, to our values, to one another. We are living into a re-opening of our world that a year ago no one could have fully imagined. We are ripe for transformation! In order to transform there is a period of vulnerability, time spent in that place of not knowing. Meditation is one yogic tool that can support us to be in and move through our not knowing. When we sit and watch our breath on the cushion we cultivate the resiliency to slow down and the courage to stay. We learn how to better care for ourselves as individuals, our collective in our families and communities, and ultimately beyond.

May we feel our connection to the Earth. May we continue to cultivate present moment awareness. May we open to the invitation to transform for the benefit of all beings.

I hope to see you on the mat and around town this summer.

A practice to try:

Come to stand in tadasana, mountain pose, or come to sit in a chair with your feet firmly connecting to the floor. Take a moment to look and listen- What colors and shapes do you see? What can you hear in the environment around you? Now allow the eyelids to grow heavier and let your gaze soften towards the floor in front of you. Imagine you could simultaneously soften the channel to the inner ears while also muffling the sounds of any external noise.

Welcome a deep breath in through the nostrils, fill up the belly, when you are full to the brim open your mouth and release all the breath out. Lightly seal the lips together.

Drop your attention down into the feet.

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