Fall is the season of going inward. The plants do it. The sun seems to do it (at least in Vermont, it does). The kids are back in the classroom. Mice are trying to get back into the house. And some of us are even getting back to our yoga mats with a little more regularity these days. It’s time.
And yet, like lovers parting at the airport, we cling to summer with every last gasp. We beg, ‘Just one more kiss’. But as we begin to move away from this longing, we start to come into a sense of remembering, of bringing the members back together again. These members are not necessarily part of that groovy garage band you started in high school, but the very best parts of you.
Sometimes we forget these parts. In the thrill of summer love (or love of summer), we get caught up in ‘the doing’ rather than ‘the being’. We forget our own greatness, our own innate goodness. But this forgetting is part of the dance. We forget ourselves in order to experience the utter delight of reconnecting. Yoga invites us again and again to join in this joyful dance of reunion.
The yoga practice is the perfect location to tap into your inner endless summer. This is the place where we truly find ourselves. No California sunshine necessary; the light is already shining within. Here on the mat we can quietly (or maybe with vigor and loud music) connect to the things we enjoy most about ourselves.

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