If you are interested in joining the Yoga for Life community or want to learn more, please join Rachel, Director of the Yoga for Life Program, for a free practice and Yoga for Life info session.


Yoga is so much more than exercise, and so much more than our time on the mat. It is about how we show up skillfully in the world, and how we relate to ourselves and each other. A consistent, daily meditation and yoga practice can reveal our habits and patterns of reactivity, and teach us how to stay present through life’s challenges. As a member of the Yoga for Life program, you will join a community that will support you in developing a personal practice, and translating that practice into daily life. This semester, we will practice transforming the five hindrances of grasping, aversion (anger and fear), numbness, restlessness, and doubt into clarity and social action. As Dr. Larry Ward says, “Social action is about how we care for one another.” Take your yoga practice beyond your mat to transform yourself and transform the world.

Register for the Yoga for Life program by December 7th and save $25–enter promo code ‘EARLYBIRD‘ at checkout
When: Sunday, December 13, 3:00 – 4:00 pm
Where: Livestream via Zoom
Teacher: Rachel de Simone
en English