Do you notice chronic tension or lack of mobility in the pelvis or hips, which limits your ability to sit, squat or fully participate in your yoga practice? Our hips and pelvis can loose mobility over time due to a lifetime of sitting, as a result of the natural aging process, due to stress related holding patterns, or traumatic events.

When mobility in the hips decrease, it can be difficult to stretch them on our own. Chronic pelvic floor tension is a debilitating condition for both women and men, and can lead to chronic pelvic pain. In this 2-hour yoga wall workshop, we will study the anatomy of the hips and pelvis, learn strategies to increase mobility of these areas through supported yoga postures, and learn ways to modify yoga practice so that excessive strain on the hips and pelvis can be avoided.

Pre-register to save your spot. This workshop is limited to 12 students.

Friday, March 23
5:45-7:45pm, $30
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