Sunday, November 14th from 2 pm to 4 pm
The hips are the biggest joints in our body and are the key to easy and comfortable movement. Since we can’t put our hands around them we have only a vague idea of their location in our body and their function. Without properly functioning hip joints, movement becomes more difficult and inefficient – we may even experience pain in the joint or the surrounding areas (lower back).
In this workshop, Uwe Mester will teach a series of Awareness through Movement® lessons that will help you to discover your hip joints and explore their potential for movement. The positive effects will be felt in many daily activities like walking and sitting, and will improve your overall flexibility.
You do not need prior Feldenkrais® experience to enjoy this workshop. Please bring a mat or blanket with you and wear comfortable clothes. Register online today! or call 802.864.YOGA (9642)

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