Though she lives in the sleepy little town of Cambridge, Vermont, Gaby Goldberg is busy. And though she works many jobs and wears many hats, she begins each day with sādhana, a practice that starts with meditation.
“It’s my first priority. It sets the tone for the day,” she says and explains that her regular practice helps her keep an even keel when doing everything from cleaning the toilet or doing the dishes to communicating better at work or teaching snowboarding. “My practice helps me remain present, honest, firm, but kind and gentle no matter what is happening in my day.”
But Gaby was not always so dedicated. She recalls her very first experience with yoga. When she was in middle school, her best friend’s mom regularly engaged a private yoga teacher. The teacher was a very serious woman from India who dressed in Saris and taught Sanskrit and pranayama (breath) techniques. “We did all kinds of crazy pranayama…We did Lion’s Breath where you open your eyes and mouth really wide with your tongue out exhaling sharply.” Gaby and her friend were kicked out of the class for giggling. “It was hard to take seriously in the beginning because it’s so ridiculous.”
Today Gaby is a bit more serious and teaches in the classical style of Raja Hatha Yoga. She finds her philosophical base in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Shiva Samhita, and Gheranda Samhita – ancient texts that predate Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. For her, these ancient translations provide students with a more complete yoga practice.
Playfulness still exists in her teaching but only when and where appropriate. “Whatever enters the space – when it’s humor, I bring the light in, but I don’t go out of my way to make things humorous. I bring people into the moment of whatever is happening.”
Yoga for Gaby did not “stick” until college when she had a kind of epiphany. In her yoga practice, she  found release from the physical, mental, and emotional stresses she’d unconsciously been carrying. She also found a strong spiritual connection. These are the reasons she teaches – to help others find connection and release.
Her upcoming Core Fundamentals class is a great example of her desire to help others. “Our culture does not seem to honor this part of the body…toning this area is going to ultimately lead to a deeper connection. These classes are focused on physical techniques that address that part of the body in a way that is accessible to people – with movement and adaptations for people at every level fo practice.”
Her core class is not a ‘gut buster.’ “I teach it because I was not able to find a class that did not break me – hard pose after hard pose. Instead, I help students move toward what they are capable of.”
Gaby’s Core Fundamentals starts Wednesday, October 5, 4:30-5:30. It’s a drop-in class. Drop in. Sign Up here. Check it out.
She also teaches:
Community Class – Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 pm
Yoga for a Healthy Body and Self Image – 11/3-12/15

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