evoSANGHA on Saturday, Nov. 6th

I wanted to invite everyone to come to the free yoga practice and community potluck this Saturday at Evolution Yoga.  The class is from 6-7:30pm and then a potluck afterwards.  For me  a big part of the practice of yoga is creating community and feeling part of community.  Sometimes yoga can be viewed as a solo venture.  I think that’s true, but it sure is a lot more fun and fulfilling to do it with other people that you know — that’s one of the great things about being in class.  It’s nice to feel the support and love of other students!    So, this class will be all about celebrating our wonderful community we are all part of in Burlington and at Evolution, and to get to know each other beyond a nod or a namaste.

I really hope to see you there!   Take care – John

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