When I first started attending yoga classes, the just the thought of a doing handstand made my heart pound. In a knee jerk reaction, my muscles tightened and my focus wavered, further complicating matters. “Root to rise,” I heard my teachers instruct. After infusing these words of wisdom into each pose, I began to set up a firm foundation for the poses that made me quiver, unraveled my anxiety by focusing on the breath, and released my gripping muscles.

In attempting my first drop back into wheel, I realized that ultimately my ego was risking more than my physical body. My innate goodness, no matter if I fell flat on my face or not, was always accessible, always bright. To fortify my practice, I visualized being deeply anchored by the support of my teachers and fellow students.
These days, I blissfully challenge myself in my asana practice. I have found that healthy risks, such as gravity defying arm balances, recharge my life with respect for each moment and each breath. Now when I am challenged, I am grateful for the opportunity to polish the skill of being present. As I grow out of my perceived limitations, my practice has become a boon of support and has revealed both the light and strength of my heart.
This fall, Mondays from 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm starting Monday, September 13th, I am offering a playful, dynamic six-week series strongly rooted in the elegant alignment principles of Anusara Yoga. For beginners and intermediate yoga students who have set a foundation of yoga and are ready to take their practice to a new level. Please join us ~ Register Today!

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