SEPTEMBER – Transition

Art Hop imagine: One Flight by Bonnie Acker  

It is the end of summer; the beginning of the school year. Many of us, even those without kids or a curriculum, entertain the notion that we must abandon our summer ways. But do not go gentle! You need not transition out of your summer mindset. Put on a jacket and some shoes and socks when the time comes, but hang on to the easeful aspects of summer by bringing mindfulness into your daily routine.
Here are a couple ideas. Choose those that resonate with you and commit to a little bit of calm:
– Leave work at work
– Try something new
– Practice Yoga
– Unplug (for the evening, for the weekend)
– Go outside
– Read a book (there is no reason to ditch your summer reading list!)
– Eat fresh foods
– Meditate (even a few minutes makes a difference)
– Sing


“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau


Art Hop image: Migration by Brooke Monte

Get your body and mind ready for the new season, sign up for a  September Yoga Series.


5:45-6:45 pm – Total Beginner Yoga II with Rachel

(Sept 14-Oct 19)
This series is perfect for students who have taken a beginners series in the past, and for those who have taken a few drop-in classes and want to dive deeper into alignment and integration of breath.
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7:00-8:30 pm – Expand Your Practice: Yoga, Meditation & Breath with Martha (Sept 14-Oct 12)
Practice breathing and meditation techniques to manage daily stress and support emotional and mental balance. Leave class feeling revived and openhearted. Imagine deepening your practice in a series that is gentle, inspiring and fun.Expand Your Practice and Enhance your life.

All levels of experience are welcome.
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8:15-9:30 am – Living Yoga Kripalu Series (Gentle) with Martha (Sept 8-Nov 17) 
Martha offers a mindful and inspiring environment in which people find comfort in their body. Her rich language and individualized guidance help students deepen their practice and self-awareness. Students learn alignment as they cultivate peacefulness and kindness toward themselves.
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7:15-8:15 pm – Total Beginner Yoga with Rachel (Sept 15-Oct 20)

In this 6 week series, Rachel will introduce you to the basics of a hatha yoga practice, with modifications made as needed to accommodate tight bodies. By the end of the series, you will be able to take your new yoga knowledge and begin a home practice, or venture out into the greater yoga community. This series is appropriate for someone with little to no physical or athletic background.
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6-7 pm – Beginner Yoga Series with John (Set 16-Oct 21)
We’ll work on good alignment principles, learn some breathing and meditation techniques, and begin to explore new postures from the ground up. This series is appropriate for someone with a previous physical or athletic background – even if it’s been a while!
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6:45-8 am OR 9-10:15 am– Living Yoga Kripalu Series (Level I/II) with Martha (Sept 10-Nov 19)  

Learn alignment as you cultivate peacefulness and kindness toward yourself and others. These classes are a great way to start the morning.
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5:45-7:15 pm – Yoga for a Healthy Back with Janet (Sept 17-Oct 22)
This six-week program is designed for people with low back pain who wish to return to yoga practice or explore yoga as a method of managing their back pain. We will develop a yoga routine that includes breathing exercises, stretches, core strengthening, flowing poses and relaxation exercises.

Art Hop image: On the Shore by Kasy Prendergast  

Come in for a stretch, you’ll leave with so much more…Sign up now to save your spot in these September workshops.

9/18 – Intro to the Yoga Wall with Michelle Downing DPT
Learn to use the Yoga Wall to find good alignment, move deeper into some poses, and struggle less in others. We will use straps and slings  to guide your body into the right position where you’ll find support in the right places and traction to decrease compression. It feels amazing! Come discover the possibilities and expand your yoga practice!Please pre-register, as there are only 12 spots are available for this workshop!
5:45-7:15 pm
Sign Up Online9/20 – Yoga Therapeutics: Stretch Your Hamstrings
with Andrea Trombley PT

Run? Swim? Hike? Bike? Are your hamstrings feeling it? Using yoga and some good assists from the Yoga Wall, we will take plenty of time to thoroughly stretch and release them. If you love your cardio and neglect your stretching, this is the workshop for you! No yoga experience necessary.

12:30-2:30 pm
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9/25 – Yoga Nidra
with Janet Carscadden PT, DPT

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete mental, physical, and emotional relaxation while maintaining awareness. It is the ancient practice of yogic sleep, or effortless full-body relaxation. Using postural instruction, voice, and sound, Janet will guide you into a deep meditative state of consciousness.
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9/26 – Going Deeper Workshop: Arm Balances
with John McConnell ERYT

Explore a variety of arm balances and creative ways to get into and teach even the most elusive of these great postures. Be ready to tap into your limitless potential, to laugh, have fun, learn, and feel support and encouragement. This is your chance to find lift-off with these fun, challenging, and invigorating postures.

ART HOP is Sept 11

Art Hop image: from Edgewalker Paintings by Lynne Reed


Many of the images in this newsletter were created by the artists who will be exhibiting at Evolution during Art Hop. Stop by the studio to get up close and personal.
Join us at Evolution Friday night, September 11, as we celebrate Our Ninth Birthday. And step inside the studio to enjoy featured local artwork based on the theme the Art of Transformation.
Here is a sneak peek of the fun:

  • Class Card Sale – $20 Off – Friday & Saturday – in studio only
  • Brass Balagan
  • New Nile Orchestra
  • Heartfire Henna  (FREE HENNA)
  • Chocolate Hollow (chocolate tastings)
  • Sherpa Kitchen (come buy some momos!)
  • Community Art Project with Bonnie Acker
  • Birthday Cupcakes!

The Art Hop brings the community together to celebrate the dynamic art and culture of Burlington. Join us.

Michelle Downing is a doctor of physical therapy (DPT), a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT), and a registered yoga teacher (RYT). DPT, CFMT, RYT – that is a lot of letters to describe someone who wasn’t always so fascinated with the human body.As a little girl growing up in Hoosick Falls, New York, she was taken with the imagination. She was ringleader in the games of make believe enjoyed by her childhood friends. “I was the nerdy girl,” she says proudly as she describes her childhood antics of re-enacting movie scenes, playing house, and playing office. Today she integrates the creative power she knew as a child into her evaluation and treatment of physical therapy clients.

Read the full bio here in our blog .


Yoga & Meditation Foliage Retreat with Martha Whitney
October 2-4, 2015 at Jouvence Retreat Center, in Quebec
Connect to your inner and outer landscape in a community of belonging. Enjoy mindful practices, gourmet food, comfy accommodations, and a spectacular landscape dressed in full color.
Visit the retreat page on our website for more details, and call or stop by the studio to register.

The new schedule features some new classes! Check them out:
8:15-9:30am – Kripalu with Annette
12:15-1:15pm – Vigorous Vinyasa with Susan
5:45-7pm – Yoga Wall Therapeutics with Meg
12:15-1:15pm – Vigorous Vinyasa with Christine

12:15-1:15pm – Yoga Therapeutics: Spine with Meg
5:45-7:15pm – Vinyasa/Yin with Rachel
12:15-1:15pm – – Yoga Wall Therapeutics with Michelle
9-10am Beginner with Jackie

Download a complete schedule of our current drop-in classes here. 


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