Man jeetai jag jeet, “ By conquering your mind, your conquer the world.”
– Guru Nanak

The mind is subtle (Sukshma Sharira) and interwoven throughout our life, our problems and excellence. “The Mind”, say the masters “is our best friend and worst enemy.” It is tangible, practical and always with us. Therefore, it becomes imperative to understand the structure of our mind in order to relate to it through our higher Self instead of through the Ego.

The Yogic System offers the following schema for the mind: From the one universal mind or Chitta, arise Manas, Buddhi and Ahamkara. Manas is the unconscious and subconscious aspect of our mind, it receives input from the senses. Buddhi is the rational and intuitive quality of the intellect; it discerns the real from the ephemeral. Ahamkara is the Ego or sense of individuality, it forms attachments and is responsible for our identification with form.

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