“Breathing in, I am grateful for this moment. Breathing out, I smile.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

On a recent brisk autumn day, I hiked up the Sunset Ridge trail on Mt. Mansfield with friends and our dogs. The trail was full of excited people stopping to look down at the reds, oranges, and yellows, and of course snap a selfie or two. Admiring the specter of peak season, I felt a deep sense of abundance. With the vibrant show of colors still attached to their branches before me, I remembered the abundance within my own life. 
Moving from an abundance mindset, acting from a place of sufficient resources, can lead us to act with more kindness and compassion. In contrast, when moving from a scarcity mindset–when we feel that our resources are limited–fear can guide our actions. 
Aparigraha, a teaching of the yamas of yoga, talks of non possessiveness and in turn, generosity. When we feel abundance in our own lives, we may give more fully to others. Consider giving to rest as much as you give to action. Imagine that you give to rest fully, so you can give to yourself later.
Here are a few personal favorite practices for cultivating gratitude and a sense of abundance.

  • Gratitude Journaling: Take time during your day to note three things that you are grateful for. You may like to look back over your list periodically–weekly or monthly. Notice how your mindset may shift. 
  • ‘Fall’ cleaning, apply to any season! : Go through your clothing items noting items you haven’t used in the past year. Consider donating these items to free up physical space. You can also repeat this process with other items. 
  • Try this centering breath: “Breathing in, I am aware that I am breathing in. Breathing out, I am aware that I am breathing out. Breathing in, I am grateful for this moment. Breathing out, I smile. Breathing in, I am aware of the preciousness of this day. Breathing out, I vow to live deeply in this day.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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