In this one-time 2 1/2 -hour workshop, you and your partner will learn yoga, breath work, massage, and relaxation techniques for labor and birth. We’ll cover a variety of labor support positions as well as counter-pressure tips to help with back pain during labor. Conversation will also focus on the physiology of labor, building confidence in your ability to cope with the intensity of labor, and on movements you can do before and during labor to guide the baby into an optimal position for birth.

This workshop is a great way for you to connect as a couple in preparation for sharing the birth experience together – it’s invaluable for first time parents as a supplement to your childbirth series, as well as for those seasoned parents who would like a class to connect around the baby. Students find this workshop very helpful in the third trimester.

No yoga experience is necessary.

Friday, May 8 – 6-8:30 pm

Future Dates
June 12
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