Yoga teacher trainings are very popular here in Vermont. It makes sense. Even if you do not plan to become a teacher, a yoga teacher training is the perfect way to deepen your practice. You may even discover some things about your true nature. You certainly will in a ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training (we’re offering one here at Evolution August 8-10).
This kids yoga teacher training allows you the rare opportunity to act like a kid while gaining the skills you’ll need to empower children to act like kids, too. You will learn about yourself and have fun as you become equipped with strategies (games, songs, exercises, asana, breathing techniques) you can use to help a child discover, or rediscover, the joy of being their true self.
Teaching children to feel good about who they are has three amazing effects:

  1. Children gain the confidence they need to face life’s challenges.
  2. Children who learn to love who they are as kids often grow up to love who they become as adults.
  3. Coaching others to feel good about themselves will make you feel pretty darn good about yourself.

It’s all about mindfulness, a skill children can use for the rest of their lives. Let’s look at mindful breathing, for example.  The ChildLight Yoga curriculum includes a variety of breathing techniques appropriate for children that when practiced affects the energy in the body and mind. Most adults are cognizant of the fact that a deep cleansing breath calms the nervous system and clears the mind. For a child, the lesson is more experiential. Try Buddy Breathing and you’ll see what we mean: Lie down on your back and balance your favorite stuffed animal on your belly (if you are at work, just use your purse or your wallet). Concentrate for a minute or two on using your breath to make the toy rise and fall. Soon your focus will center solely on the toy on your belly. You will be in the present moment.
ChildLight Yoga also incorporates songs and games on the mat to encourage internalization of the physical and emotional benefits of yoga. We use eye contact and partner activities to foster a strong sense of community and cultivate healthy peer relationships. As children explore different breathing techniques and yoga postures (calming or energizing) they start to discover that they have some control over the way they feel. They become self-aware. The result?  A big increase in confidence and self-esteem.
What it boils down to is this, the ChildLight Yoga program empowers kids to learn and practice the life skills many adults still wrestle with:

  • Learning to respond instead of react
  • Discovering what truly makes us happy
  • Listening to our bodies
  • Respecting our own abilities
  • Being in the moment
  • Acting independently and confidently
  • Hearing (and listening to) our own inner voices

Who Should Take ChildLight Yoga teacher training?

The ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training is perfect for parents, teachers, pre-school educators, physicians, therapists, PTs, OT’s, social workers, administrators, caregivers, coaches, and anyone else who loves kids. It is helpful, but not necessary, for teacher training students to have some knowledge of yoga and a regular practice.
The Basic / Level 1 ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training Course is the first step towards certification. The course includes:

  • 17 contact hours
  • Comprehensive, fully-illustrated ChildLight Yoga Instructor Manual (dubbed the ‘bible of kids’ yoga’ by former training participants) and many useful handouts
  • Yoga for Children, by Lisa Flynn
  • I Grow With Yoga CD of yoga songs for children
  • Certification administration and materials
  • Listing on CLY’s Find an Instructor Near You page with location and email contact link
  • Membership in the CLY Instructor community with benefits which include discounts on continuing education trainings

August 7-9, $395
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