According to Harvard Medical School, seven out of ten people in the US struggle with upper back and neck pain. At that rate, it’s not crazy to imagine that you might just be one of the seven. You can find some comfort in knowing you’re not alone, but you’ll find even more comfort if you do something about your discomfort.
Tech Neck, the ache caused by hunching over your smart phone all day, stretches the ligaments of your neck in unhealthy ways. Your shoulders get involved to try to protect your neck and off we go down the road to a pain in the…. Writing at your desk, watching TV, even nursing your baby can cause similar stresses.
Think about it. Your head weighs 10-12 pounds. That’s about the same weight as a bowling ball. Imagine holding a bowling ball out in front of you all day – that is what you are dong with your head if you are not paying attention. This bowling ball affect is exacerbated by the shrug we Vermonters do in response to cold rain and snow (have you seen the forecast?).
Yoga to the rescue! Check out Meg Satinsky‘s workshop this Saturday (1-3:30 at Evolution): Release the Neck and Upper Back Part II.
If you find yourself sitting with tension and stiffness in your back and neck throughout the day or are seeking ways to expand your current yoga practice, this workshop is for you!
You will grow your knowledge of yoga postures and techniques to improve flexibility and stability in the middle and upper back, neck, shoulders, and chest. And you’ll find some ease there!
Previous yoga experience is a good idea for this workshop as we will do some inversions and arm balances. We will also do some fun postural adaptations with support of the Yoga Wall and other props. This will be a great workshop for athletes, moms, desk jockeys, and holiday shoppers weary of schlepping stress in their shoulders and packages in their arms.
Take this opportunity to get some great tips and personal attention from one of the region’s best PTs. You’ll learn some tricks you can take home for long-term relief.
$50 (so much less expensive than a doctor visit!)
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