Over the next month, Evolution community members are invited to take a deeper look at ways to practice Asteya, non-stealing. Asteya is the “third jewel” of the yamas , or restraints, and is translated as non-stealing. Asteya “calls us to live with integrity and reciprocity.” -Deborah Adele

Humans take from others, the earth, themselves, and their future in conscious and unconscious ways. For example, have you ever been in conversation and can’t wait to interject your thought? Maybe you interrupt somebody before they’re done speaking or you’re thinking about your response while they talk. You’ve unconsciously shifted the focus of the conversation to yourself, stealing from the other person. An example of practicing Asteya in this situation, is to grow your awareness of when you have the urge to interrupt or formulate answers while another person is speaking. Take a deep breath and listen with your whole body – make eye contact, let the sound and tone of their words reach you, and stay present with them. Resist the urge to interrupt or think while the other person is speaking. Imagine what it feels like to be heard and seen when communicating with friends, family, co-workers, and community members. Create that environment for those around you, making the conscious choice to uplift others in a supportive way – just by being present and giving them as much space as you give yourself. 

Stay tuned for more ways to practice Asteya in relationship to others, the earth, yourself, your future, and the future of the world community. We will be posting on our blog and Facebook page and look forward to practicing yoga with you this spring! 

– Gaby Goldberg

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