What is that wall in the cork yoga studio? We have heard that a lot recently, as construction has been underway here at Evolution PT and Yoga. All of the physical therapists have now completed the Yoga Wall training and we are excited to start weaving the wall into our alignment classes, therapeutic classes and to also start offering specialty Yoga Wall classes.
The yoga wall is essentially a prop. It can provide stability for poses that challenge balance.  There are attachments for bars that can be placed at 5 different levels to accommodate your height and flexibility. It has belts to grab onto so that you can stretch the side of your body toward the center of the room and go deeper into warrior 2 than you ever thought possible. It even has pelvic swings that allow you to do inversions, such as down dog, and hold them much longer than you ever have before.
In addition to providing stability, the yoga wall can be used by more advanced yogis to explore poses previously thought too challenging. The pelvic swing and belts can provide the anchoring needed to get into deep backbends and allow the muscles to more fully relax so that the full benefit of a pose can be felt and enjoyed. The many adjustments on the wall allow us to accommodate many body types.
The yoga wall is for everyone. Advanced students will enjoy the precision we can play with on the wall. Imagine lining up your poses and having the strap rotate your thigh back while you rotate your trunk up in trikonasana. Beginners will enjoy the support and alignment the wall provides. Restorative poses have never felt so good.
Be sure to stop by the studio to join in a class or workshop focused on the yoga wall.  The summer schedule is ready for you to explore.  We are excited to see you on the wall!
~ Andrea Trombley
Check out one of our upcoming Intro to the Yoga Wall Workshops:
June 19th with Andrea Trombley
July 10th with Michelle Downing
July 31st with Meg Satinsky
Reserve your spot today as class size is limited to 12 students!

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