Have you tried the yoga wall?   Perhaps it is time to mix it up and try something new! The yoga wall at Evolution can be used to expand your practice or to help learn alignment in new postures.  A yoga practice with the assist of the wall, using straps, pelvic slings or a bar, changes the feel of both advanced and beginner poses.  It provides stability or can provide a challenge for balance with longer holds.  The wall can provide deep stretches, or limit the range of motion after injury.  Everyone can find a way to use the yoga wall to deepen their personal yoga experience.

Yoga wall classes are a great place to experiment with props.  At home, you may recreate some of the poses using door anchors and yoga straps.  The straps can be used to help you facilitate movement at the hip and provide support in warrior 1 or warrior 2.  The door anchor is placed between the wall and the closed door, then secure a yoga strap into a loop, and place it around your upper thigh as you move into your pose.  The strap should be secured right at the hip crease to give you a comfortable stretch without compressing the muscles on the front of the thigh.
Join Meagen Satinsky, PT, PYT for Yoga for Healthy Hips workshop. Through carefully worded cues and with the support of various props including the Yoga Wall, this workshop will give you a chance to explore and blend new and familiar approaches to movement and stability in this vital area of your body. Experience the energies of grounding and fluidity throughout the root and sacral chakras, and pick up some tools for healthy hips along the way! Please pre-register. Sign up here.  Friday, March 20, 6-7:30 pm,  $30
Or try one of our drop-in Yoga Wall Classes–view Yoga Wall schedule here.

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