Spending too much time at your desk?

Tension in the neck and shoulders seems to be just a fact of life. Throw in a headache and some eye strain and it makes the best of us want to hurl our computers or other devices into Lake Champlain. Day after day, many of us find ourselves hunched forward, looking down, sitting, without having moved in the past hour.

Here’s a short yoga routine that you can perform while at work, at home, or in a rest area (long holiday car rides are culprits, too) to relieve stress and strain. If you still find yourself tense and stressed, learn more release techniques at Meagen’s Upper Chest and Back workshop.

seated_catseated_cowSeated cat/cow:  Plant feet on floor and slide to edge of chair.  Place hands lightly on kneecaps and as you exhale arch spine pulling belly in and dropping chin to chest.  Inhale and pull chest forward lifting gaze.

Shoulder rolls: Sit tall and roll shoulders forwards and backwards.

Chest stretch:  Clasp hands behind back and with elbows straight but not locked, reach away from your lower back

neck releaseNeck Release:  Clasp hands behind head. Tuck chin slightly towards chest and extend upper chest and head backwards while supporting your head in your hands.

Lateral Neck Stretch:  Hold onto edge of seat with one hand and drop opposite ear towards shoulder. Relax your jaw.

Sit Tall, Place hands on thighs. Breathe in expanding your belly out. Breathe out softening space between the eyes and the jaw. Repeat as long as possible or until your co workers start yelling at you to get back to work.

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