We spend 16 of the 24 hours each day (or more!)  on our feet- walking, running, standing, bending! All this work and play can eventually lead to increased wear and tear on our spine. While wear and tear (also known as spine degeneration) is a normal part of the aging process, taking pressure off our spine may minimize this process, keeping our backs more healthy. It also feels really good!
There are many ways to reverse the effects of gravity on the spine during our general yoga practice – laying on our back with our knees bent up, or a forward bend with a relaxed upper back are two examples. You may also recall the amazing feeling of your yoga instructor giving an upward pressure on your pelvis in downward dog!
If you’ve been to a Yoga Wall class at Evolution, you already know that you can have an hour-long class of what feels like amazing hands on adjustments to reduce the load on your spine. My favorite way to do this on the Yoga Wall is the spinal rejuvenation sequence (doesn’t is sound amazing?). In the spinal rejuvenation sequence, we hang upside on the yoga wall to provide a gentle lumbar traction, reversing for 15 minutes the effects of gravity. The only precaution would be an acute disc pathology which is activated by bending forward, or uncontrolled high blood pressure.
In the upcoming yoga workshop – Yoga Wall: Release Your Low Back we will spend a delicious 90 minutes in various positions that reduce the effects of gravity on the lumbar spine in downward dog, standing poses, backward bends, and forward bends. We will end with 15 minutes of bliss as we gain one small win against the battle of gravity.
Friday, July 29, 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm
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